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Helping blockchain ventures raise, launch, and grow

Services Offered

Token sale and IDO
metrics and supply structuring

  • Design allocation and vesting schedules that sell in the current market
  • Benchmark your sale offer and metrics to competitors using comparables analysis
  • Create compelling technical content for your website, investor decks, and whitepapers

Token utility design
and business tokenisation

  • Create token mechanics and utilities that deliver value and increase demand
  • Identify adverse agent behaviours and mitigate them using incentive design
  • Upgrade your existing business into a tokenised, blockchain-powered successor

Game economics
design and analysis

  • Design economies that offer a natural fit with player actions and experiences
  • Identify internal and external value flows in your economy; what drives them; how they scale
  • Develop analytics to tune your economic features during testing and operations

Token flow modelling
and financial projections

  • Understand the effects of deterministic and non-deterministic factors on circulating supply
  • Create deeper models of non-deterministic factors from your operational data
  • Project your future financial performance with dynamic, assumptions-driven modelling

Budget planning
and treasury policies

  • Develop your operating budget and stress-test your funding runway
  • Evaluate options and strategies for digital asset treasury management
  • Develop analytics models and strategies to monitor and improve operational performance

Smart contract
tokenomic code support

  • Rely upon direct collaboration between your token advisor and smart contract developers
  • Review your smart contract code to check its economic logic is correctly expressed
  • Design and deploy economic features that are implementable and respect known constraints

Clients and Partners

over $110m USD raised

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Advisor Profile

Roderick brings over 10 years of quantitative modelling, financial analysis, and transaction experience that includes work on private equity infrastructure deals; financial management and planning for CFOs; and equity fundraising for start-ups.

He offers quantitative and qualitative problem solving that navigates interrelating issues around product vision; user experience; economic outcomes; fundraising; and marketing. His creative and original thinking is resourced from strong academics which include post-graduate studies in economics and earning the CFA Charter.

With over 5 years' independent consulting experience, he also understands the value of listening carefully to client needs, and attending to the uniqueness of each project.

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