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Instructor Profile

Roderick is a blockchain advisor specialised in token design and economics with over 10 years' varied experience in financial modelling, analysis, and advisory.

He launched his first online courses in 2018 on the technical subject of infrastructure finance. These were well received by professionals at high-profile institutions worldwide. Roderick is now helping others shift into Blockchain with some of the first online courses focussed on the financial and economic dimensions of this revolutionary technology.

The curriculum is informed by hands-on experience and advanced studies in economic and financial theory. This blends practical application with first principles understanding that will empower you to deliver and stay agile in unpredictable real world settings.


Courses Offered

Tokenomics & Blockchain


Tokenomics Modelling: Token Sales & Listings

Learn how blockchain startups raise funds using token sales.

Learn how to arrange token supply allocations and vesting schedules with a professional-grade spreadsheet model.

Learn how navigate changing negotiation circumstances to get your raise over the line and list your project token on an exchange!

Financial Modeling

Ultimate Project Finance Modeling

An update to my best-selling online course in elite financial modelling skills for project finance transactions that sold 10,000 units worldwide!

Stay tuned!!

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