Cut through the hype! Make better investment decisions based on tokenomic fundamentals

Whether you're a retail investor or a seasoned fund manager, understanding tokenomics will help you make better investment calls. This course teaches you how to evaluate token sale offers in depth. Everything is taught in a way that makes sound business sense, and connects to established financial theory, with the use of professional modelling practices.

    You will get...
  • SIX hours of video teaching content with English subtitles
  • TEN interactive quizzes to build your understanding
  • PRINTABLE learning materials to accompany videos
  • TOKENOMICS MODEL in Excel and Google Sheets formats
  • SEVEN in-depth exercises focused on real-world scenarios
  • TOP-TIER instructor with real blockchain and finance expertise

About your instructor

Roderick McKinley, CFA

  • Real blockchain experience including over $100m raised with token sales
  • Proven professional training experience with over 13,000 online course sales
  • Advanced modelling skills applied to $1bn+ deals approved by 'Big 4' auditors
  • Top academic and professional credentials including masters degree studies in economics and CFA Charter

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Course content

  • +  How do token sales raise capital?
  • +  How are tokens created?
  • +  Who gets these tokens? What do they want?
  • +  Vesting: why the big picture matters
  • +  Why cash is always KING!
  • +  Multi-round fundraise strategy
  • +  Non-investor token allocations
  • +  How are tokens listed?
  • +  Should you fundraise with equity or tokens?

  • +  What makes a good model?
  • +  What is in the model? (click to preview)
  • +  What is NOT in the model?

  • +  Introduction and overview
  • +  Inputs and controls
  • +  Automatic safety checks
  • +  Understanding the calculations

  • +  Introducing the token metrics (click to preview)
  • +  Total token supply
  • +  Total vesting term
  • +  Intitial circulating supply and initial market cap
  • +  Fully diluted valuation (FDV)
  • +  Extra token metrics!
  • +  Metrics in context: comparable transaction analysis

  • +  Preview of all exercises (click to preview)
  • +  Building an offer from scratch
  • +  Fixing bad client tokenomics
  • +  Converting equity into tokens
  • +  Increasing the fundraise
  • +  Helping a struggling fundraise
  • +  Ending a fundraise early
  • +  Making final adjustments before the listing

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