Tokenomics Modeling: Fundraising & IDOs

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More about this tokenomics course

>> How do blockchain startups run a token sale?

>> How are token sale offers structured and arranged?

>> How do investors assess these token sale offers?

>> How do you create summary token metrics for token sales?

>> How do you model sale offers in an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet?

You'll learn the answer to all these questions and more, in this new tokenomics course!

The course begins with a crash course in blockchain and smart contract technology. This material will be taught with an emphasis on building an understanding of how and why they create value for business, while also paying close attention to current limitations of these technologies.

The course will then introduce foundational concepts in tokenomics that explain key factors underlying digital token value. You'll learn about how these factors can be influenced and controlled, and the role played by tokenomics advisors and designers in this process.

In the next section, you are introduced to the token fundraising process including the key documentation that it involves and an explanation of the two main exchange listing processes the IDO and IEO, and how they differ. You'll learn about the key actors and stakeholders over the whole process; how their interests align and differ from each other, and the dynamics these create during negotiations.

You'll learn about the key components of a token sale offer, including allocations and vesting schedules, learn how to summarise these attributes with token metrics and understand what they mean, and how to structure the offer to take startup fundraising and budget needs into account, and take crypto and IDO market conditions into account.

You'll then learn how to dynamically model all these token sale attributes with a bespoke tokenomics spreadsheet model that can be operated in Excel or Google Sheets. You'll learn how to understand its underlying logic and layout, so that you can adapt it for your own projects.

You'll finish the course with a case study exercise that ties all the previous content together, by walking you through a simulated fundraising journey that includes various examples of real world situations that the course author has repeatedly encountered on numerous fundraise efforts.

The key outcome of this course therefore is to equip you with practical abilities that will empower you to assist fundraises as a tokenomics advisor. But enough theory will be taught alongside to ensure that you can think flexibly, and adapt to invevitable unforseen circumstances that you will encounter.

Watch video samples from the course below:

Blockchain digital ledgers 101 - playlist

Blockchain smart contracts 101 - playlist

Tokenomics Modeling: Fundraising & IDOs
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