Portfolio Items

Charts & metrics for investor deck

A token sale deck containing charts and data that were generated from proprietary tools. These helped the client evaluate and choose the optimal structure offered to investors and the public.

CoinTelegraph article for client

An article created for a client’s publicity campaign. It was composed to fit CoinTelegraph guidelines and was quickly published without material changes by their editors.

Token utility paper

The client had a strong core product offering, but required additional support to tokenise its value delivery. This utility paper was then composed to communicate the design to investors.

Layer 1 node economics model

A public-facing, dynamic calculation model. It was designed to allow prospective investors to explore their return potentials from the purchase and operation of nodes for a new layer 1 protocol.

NFT & gaming platform whitepaper

A whitepaper composed to detail a blockchain NFT and social application serving the e-sports and gaming communities. It includes utility designs and token sale metrics designed for this engagement.

Whitepaper for layer 1 protocol

A whitepaper detailing the economic design of a new layer 1 protocol developed for this engagement. Care was taken to ensure its analysis reached an appropriate level of technical depth.

What is tokenomics? Explainer

I also create teaching and training content on the subject of tokenomics on YouTube. Courses hosted on this website can be accessed through the navigation bar.

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